Gingerbread House
Raw chocolate truffles
Raw vegan patties (burgers)
Raw seeds crackers
Raw dehydrated citruses (oranges, lemons and grapefruit)
Stone fruit (nectarines, plums) and custard tart
Organic Matcha roulade with lemon mousse
Nectarines and mint custard tart
Raw Vegan Coconut Cupcake
Almond milk
Twisted stracciatella fantasy
Cardamom Trifle
Blueberry on the go (Blueberry Cheesecake)
Raw “Cheescake”
Raw pralines with coconut (Chocolate Pralines)
Raw zucchini (courgette) salad
Dark (intense) chocolate dream (Dark Chocolate Cake)
Raw Vegan Lasagna
Raspberry all day! (Raspberry Cheesecake)
Double chocolate cheesecake (Raw Double Cheesecake)
Raw Bounty bars

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